About Eductus

We can help you find the route to a real job, as quickly as possible. Eductus is a large, professional company that helps people to find jobs and education. We have been in business for 20 years and we have bases in more than 70 locations around Sweden.

Are you new to Sweden?
Choose Eductus if you want a vocational adviser who will give you professional help to quickly find a job or training.

We start by looking at your previous experience in your home country. Then we discuss any additional needs with you. This could be Swedish language training, or you may need to have your professional qualification assessed so that it can be authorised. Or you may need further training.

We can offer training at different levels to suit everyone, whether you are an academic, have little training or are unable to read or write.

Have you been in Sweden for a long time?
We have contacts with a large number of employers, and can help you whether you are unemployed or registered as sick. We can offer you job coaching, rehabilitation, vocational Swedish courses, assessments of working ability and other assistance.

Read our brochure "Welcome to Sweden"»

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Eductus (huvudkontor)
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